Our partner school

Our institution has had a partner school with Bildungscentrum für Beruf und Wirtschaft e V. in Wittenberg, Germany for 5 years.

Within this program, during the first year, 12 catering students and 4 teachers from our school travel to Wittenberg where specialities of Hungarian cuisine are prepared by our students with the help of their teachers, and served to the staff of BBW and to the leaders of the city of Wittenberg. Similarly, during the next year, the students and teachers of the German school come to Békéscsaba where they hold a “German Day”. Moreover, the visitors become acquainted with the twin town and its neighbourhood.

Moreover, there has been a student exchange program for two years now. Two students spend two weeks in the partner school where they fulfil their work experience. In spring the our students visit Germany, whilst in autumn the German students come to Békéscsaba.

This partnership provide the students with the opportunity to use their academic skills in practice, improve their knowledge of the foreign language and to get acquainted with the culture and gastronomy of other countries.