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Welcome, foreign visitors!  

Welcome to the website of the Central Vocational Training School and Dormitory (BÉKSZI)'s Zwack József Commerce and Catering Member School, located in Békéscsaba, Hungary!

With our new website format, it is now possible for us to make our website multi-languaged!

  So, as the first step, we are proud to announce that we launched an english version of our website! Of course, we cannot translate every single content on our website to english - we use a dynamic format now, and we cannot force our editors (which includes students as well) to write their articles in english, too. Furthermore, lots of our contents are for the students and parents, and has no valuable information to a foreign visitor.

  We, however, wanna do our best to introduce ourselves to You. You can have a good read about who we are, what we do, and what our history is. You can also browse our quite big image galleries, to see our establisment, and the everyday life of us.  
If you can and want to, please check the goals of our foundation (see KVISZA Foundation on the left), and if you agree with the foundation's goals, feel free to donate a small amount for it.
If you have any questions, comments, or just wanna keep in touch with us, do not hesitate to use the Contact form, and write us, ask us, or tell anything you want to us!

Thank you, and have a very nice day!

-- Zwackkeri.hu team
  Our Current Team are:
- Kiss Tamás (website administrator)
- Dávidné Kovalcsik Gabriella (translator)
- Kiss Csanád (translator)
- Bojtos Edit (translator)