KVISZA Foundation

Kereskedelmi,- Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Szakképzési Alapítvány (KVISZA) – Commerce, Catering and Tourism Training Foundation
Addresss: 5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32. 
PO box: 169. 
Tel/fax: 66/445-845 
Account number: Ker. Bank Rt. 10402609-26012393

Dear Sir or Madam,

  The contractors of Békés County have founded the Commerce, Catering and Tourism Training Foundation (KVISZA) in order to create a higher standard vocational training.

The aim of the foundation:
1.    Improving the theoretical and practical conditions by purchasing technical equipment.
2.    Helping language learning and setting up foreign exchange programs.
3.    Supporting the organization of trade competitions.
4.    Helping of cultural and free time activities.
5.    Supporting student sport competitions and doing regular exercise.

  The grantees of the foundation are the students of the Central Vocational Training School and Dormitory’s Zwack József Commerce and Catering Member School.

Let me call your attention to law CXXVI of 1996. This law deals with the preferred using of a certain percentage of the paid-in tax, the so called 1%.

  So, if you agree with the aims of the KVISZA foundation, please give 1% percent of your tax.

Taxation number: 19060923-1-04

In case you want to donate our foundation, our bank account number is:

K&H Bank: 10402609-26012393

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully,
The Advisory Board of the Foundation