Shop museum

The importance of museums is unquestionable as people need to discover the traits of past; this claim is proven by the foundation of several new museums. These establishments provide the remembrances and relics of the past centuries with worthy display, as well as with proper conservation of their quality and value.

Some objects are offered by ordinary people in the hope of sharing their experiences with others, while other items help to discover the lifestyle of previous civilisations.
These ideas inspired the local founders of the shop museum, and they began to gather the records of retail in 1987.

After the collection was expanded by the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, the museum opened its gates on 6th June 1989, originally in the hall of a local trading association. After a few years, the museum moved to the building of the Secondary School of Commerce and Catering, where its opening ceremony was held on 29th February 1996.

The shop museum reflects a retail shop of the 1920s and 30s truly, with its original store furniture and equipment. Among others, several products, equipments and tools are exhibited here, such as signboards, a National cash register, tools of trade administration, ham slicer, baking powder box, coffee feeder, sugar box, vinegar barrel, manual poppy seed grounder, boxes used for storing spices and sweets, wine bottles with labels from 1930.

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