About Zwack Jozsef

About József Zwack

József Zwack was born in 1821.

After studying distilling trade, he founded the first liqueur factory in 1840. He set up his poorly equipped production line in the so called Marokko yard in Pest, and later in 1954, he moved the first licensed liqueur factory to Üllői road.

The young contractor based his business on a recipe that had been in the hands of the family for half a century. As it turned out later, this recipe was not only a unique drink, but also the secret to a unique financial success.

In the early 1850s, he married Mária Sattler who gave birth to his four children, Hermina, Róza, Ödön and Lajos, between 1852 and 1855. Later, Lajos became the third business partner at the Zwack Company.

With the development in liqueurs, rum and distilling factory, his products had success in the foreign market as well.

As early as in 1885, at the National Exhibition of Budapest (where József Zwack was a member of the jury), they mention the export of the company in the catalogue. According to this, the factory that employs 22 employees, transported 20-30 thousand forint worth liqueur, distilled products, brandy to Austria, France, Russia and moreover to the USA. In1892 he rearranged his production line and it got the most modern equipment of the age.

The József Zwack & Partner Co. became the emperor yard’s supplier during the Monarch years, and won precious prizes one after the other with its products abroad.  

The trademark for the most important drink became valid on 22 May 1883 at 11 o’clock, “for the protection of the sold digestive drink under the name Unicum”. The product number 805-071 means a drinks speciality that combines the previous herbal alcoholic drinks, and the secret of the drink has been protected by the family.

Probably the most famous advertisement for the most well-known drink of the Zwack Co., the Unicum, is the poster of a wet haired man swimming in deep water who cheers up by the sight of the floating traditional ball-shaped bottle.

József Zwack worked with exceptional stamina at his desk from dawn to late in the evening. The trade gave him the name “general”. His will to work and great memory did not leave him even at the age of 93. On Sundays, he visited people in the outskirts, who had applied for help to him, checking their real circumstances. This way, he found young and school-age children whom he educated on his own expense, young ladies whom he gave marriage portion.

He constantly made good deeds, without knowing it even by the closest surroundings.

József Zwack died in Budapest on 7 February 1915. His stamina and knowledge in the field of commerce were exceptional.